Hiding your whatsapp images and videos simplified

Hiding your whatsapp images and videos simplified

Hiding your whatsapp images and videos simplified

One of the most popular messaging app whatsapp is today having billion of user that send and receives messages, images, videos andlocations etc.

Also users chat personally or in groups both, but sometime you receive some of the content in your whatsapp groups etc which you don’t want to share with anyone but these media appears in the Gallery. So today we are with a trick for How To Hide Whatsapp Images & Videos From Gallery. By this you can show only your camera picture, videos and received images from blutetooth etc in your gallery which will not include any of your whatsapp content.

Just read the below method to proceed.How To Hide WhatsappImages & Videos From GalleryHide Whatsapp Images and Videos From GalleryWhen you are connected to wifi network some of your whatsapp content get auto download which you might not want to download and these media appears in gallery which sometime gives bad impression of yours on the person who may checking your gallery. So to avoid this just follow the method to hide whatsapp content from gallery. jsut follow the below steps to proceed.

1.First of all open File Explorer of your device.

2.Now navigate to Whatsapp folder in the file manager.

3.Now open the folder named Media there.

4.Now there you will see all the folder of your whatsapp content including whatsapp images and whatsapp videos.

5.Now rename the folder Whatsapp images to .Whatsapp images, if you want to hide whatsapp images from gallery.

6.Rename Whatsapp Videos to.Whatsapp Videos, if you want tohide whatsapp video files from your gallery.

7.Now open settings-> Apps manager and there you will find gallery in theAll section, click on it.

8.Now scroll little downand click onclear cache.

9.Thats it you are done, now open your gallery and you will see that the whatsappcontent will not be displayed there.So the above is all about HowTo Hide #Whatsapp Images & Videos From Gallery. By this you can easily ensure your privacy and can avoid many embarrassing situations. And also you can rename that folder back to original names too if you want to display themback in gallery. Hope you like the article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below of youhave any related queries

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