Microsoft launches WhatsApp-style messaging app

Microsoft launches WhatsApp-style messaging app

Microsoft launches WhatsApp-style messaging app

Microsoft has revealed it is launching a new email app, after admitting that its Outlook email app is too slow.

The firm has revealed that it is developing the WhatsApp-style app through Microsoft Garage, built specifically for ‘brief, snappy communications’.

The app, dubbed Send, is currently available for iPhones in the US and Canada, and will also soon come to Windows Phone and Android.

The firm said on the Microsoft blog: “While tools like text messaging and IM are great for short messages, you often don’t have your co-worker’s cell phone number or an IM app on your work phone.

“And we’ve heard loud and clear from people at work, they want all their communications available in Outlook – even if they send them from other apps. This is where Send comes in!

“Send gives you the simple, quick text message-like experience while allowing you to reach all co-workers and have all of your communications in Outlook for reference later.”

Send also allows users to send messages without the need for a subject line or an official email format.

In addition, Send connects to Office 356 business and school email accounts, and comes with a Quick Reply feature, which also allows users to see when someone is typing back their response.

This news comes after rumours revealed Microsoft may be working on a Surface Pro 4,

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