Facebook launches stripped down 'Facebook Lite' for developing countries

Facebook launches stripped down ‘Facebook Lite’ for developing countries

The world’s largest social network creates an app for lower-performance phones and people without access to speedy cellular signals. Over the last decade, Facebook’s list of features and capabilities has piled pretty high. Now the company is stripping that way in a new app designed for customers with low-end phones and poor cellular connections. The[…]

Facebook Messenger borrows one of Whatsapp's best features

Facebook Messenger borrows one of Whatsapp’s best features

Location sharing isn’t necessarily as creepy as it sounds — especially not to some mobile users who have been doing that for years. Facebook is gifting Messenger, possibly the fastest growingof the social network’s burgeoning cache of spinoff apps, with location sharing. If this sounds familiar, it’s possible you’re also a frequent user of another[…]