Facebook Messenger Joins Viber, LINE and Tango by Introducing Games within the App

Facebook Messenger is growing in leaps and bounds and soon enough we might even see it overtake WhatsApp. At the moment, WhatsApp has more than 800 million users, but Facebook Messenger is closing in swiftly as it recently reached 700 million users, which is only 100 million shy of WhatsApp’s total user base. In trying[…]

LINE messenger vs. WhatsApp

Why You Should Delete WhatsApp And Install LINE Messenger.

WhatsApp last week failed almost EVERY criteria in a scathing report into online privacy. The Electronic Frontier Foundation – dubbed EFF – ranked the biggest technology companies in the world, based on how transparent and protective they are of their users’ data. WhatsApp was criticised in almost EVERY aspect in the damming report. But is[…]

Viber vs. WhatsApp

Viber vs. WhatsApp – Which One is Best ?

There are many instant messaging apps these days. Because they are loads of them, choosing the right one for your needs can be very difficult. Among them the most famous and used by more people are Viber and WhatsApp. The two apps have features which are similar, but they work totally differently from each other. Deciding Between Viber and WhatsApp for Voice[…]