WhatsApp And Viber To Be Regulated?

WhatsApp And Viber To Be Regulated?

WhatsApp And Viber To Be Regulated?

BENGALURU:  The Department of Telecommunication(DoT) wants all the top services offered by the instant messaging apps, to be regulated. The DoT had called for a “regulatory oversight” on all the VoIP services offered by the apps.  The applications include Whatsapp, Viber , Line and many more, reports Hindustan times.

An internal committee of six members of the DoT is considerate to pass a new law that would include all the principles of net neutrality and also would replace the Indian Telegraph Act — it is ironic considering the fact that any regulation to services that provide voice calling over data can break the basic rules of net neutrality in the first place.

The basic idea behind the decision of regulating the applications like Viber and Whatsapp is because these applications do not follow any systematization unlike the mobile phone operates, to make a call.

What is this net neutrality after all? The idea of considering or rather treating all data on the internet, be it videos, images or documents or even text messages, equally by all service providers in terms of speed and access over the internet.

The government will consider the DoT’s report and also will consult the public about the same. As of now the government has taken a pro net neutrality stand in the parliamentary debates.

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