WhatsApp vs Facebook Messenger – Zuckerberg’s Applications That Took Over The World

WhatsApp vs Facebook Messenger – Zuckerberg’s Applications That Took Over The World

WhatsApp vs Facebook Messenger – Zuckerberg’s Applications That Took Over The World

Zuckerberg’s first “baby” was Facebook, the application that conquered the world and which has 1.18 billion monthly active users. The Messenger application is used by 600 million people who installed it on their mobile devices to chat with their friends or to call them for free. Over a year ago, Facebook made an important acquisition, when Zuckerberg spent 19 billion dollars to purchase WhatsApp. This application had 500 million active users in February 2014, and now, their number surpassed 800 million. So, which one do you prefer: WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger?

Facebook and WhatsApp are the most powerful communication tools of the moment, being used worldwide by all categories of people. Facebook was launched in 2004, when Mark Zuckerberg was a student and created it with four Harvard College roommates. The website will let you sign in if you’re at least 13 years old and once you join this network, you will manually add friends if you know their entire names. The Facebook Messenger can be installed on a variety of mobile phones, but the users must register first on the website, and then they can use this application to log into their accounts.

WhatsApp requires a phone number and it can be installed exclusively on phones that run on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry and Series40. It was launched in 2009 and it was created by two former Yahoo! employees who weren’t accepted by Zuckerberg when they applied for a job at Facebook. Later, their luck changed and they sold their application to the person who rejected them.

WhatsApp scans your phonebook and manually adds contacts to your list of friends if they’re using this application. On WhatsApp, you can send messages containing texts, images, videos or audio recordings, share your location and use stickers and emoticons. If a person becomes too annoying, you can block his/her number. If you don’t want to let your friends know that you’ve read their messages, you can disable the Read Receipts feature (blue ticks).

On Facebook messenger, you can upload files, update your status, comment or like your friends’ posts and photos, you can share any link on your “wall” (YouTube videos, articles etc.) and make voice and video calls for free to your Facebook friends. WhatsApp supports only the video calling feature, after it was firstly introduced on the Android version. In the first year, WhatsApp is free, but after the trial ends, an annual fee of 0.99 dollars will be applied. Facebook messenger is free for life.

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