WhatsApp vs Telegram – Which Application Makes You Feel Protected?

WhatsApp vs Telegram – Which Application Makes You Feel Protected?

WhatsApp vs Telegram – Which Application Makes You Feel Protected?

Before it became official, the internet was full of rumors about Zuckerberg wanting to buy WhatsApp, which finally happened in February 2014. This was a new era for this messaging application, which had 500 million active users at that time. One year later, WhatsApp surpassed 800 million active users and more people are joining everyday. Telegram is an application that was launched two years ago, which offers self-destructing messages, but it has also other features which the users adore, because they protect their privacy. So, if you haven’t registered yet to any of these applications, below you’ll find a comparison between them, which will help you get to a conclusion.

Similar features

When you register to WhatsApp or Telegram, you are required to enter your phone number, because your account needs to be verified and once these applications are finally installed on your smartphone, they scan your phonebook for contacts that have their numbers associated with these applications.

Both applications allow you to send text messages and photos, to share videos and to join groups and their user interfaces have in common the conversation view.

Also, they have a web feature which allows the users to log into their accounts from their computers, but they’ll need to open a supported browser. However, Telegram is also compatible with OS X and GNU/Linux.


Telegram was created to be one of the most secure applications and its developers launched a cracking contest and they’re willing to pay $200,000 in bitcoins to the first person who manages to break Telegram. Until now, nobody did it.

WhatsApp had many privacy issues, being attacked many times by hackers. Also, one of its features, the Read Receipts, which allowed the senders to know if their messages were read by their friends, was very criticized by those who had stalkers, but still wanted to read their messages, without letting them know that.

WhatsApp’s advantage is the Voice Calling feature, which isn’t supported by Telegram, which means that the users can make free calls to their friends, using the mobile data or wireless connection.

Telegram sends end-to-end encrypted messages which can be set to be deleted automatically at pre-set time intervals, but that doesn’t mean that the receipt can’t take a photo of the phone’s screen, to have a proof of what the sender wrote in the message.

Both applications are ad-free, but Telegram is a free application until the end, while WhatsApp has an annual fee of 0.99 dollars which is applied after three trial period of one year ends.

If you stop paying your subscription, WhatsApp automatically deletes your account. Telegram, on the other hand, deletes your account after 6 months of inactivity.

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