WhatsApp Web for iPhone Now Available – How to Use it?

WhatsApp Web for iPhone Now Available – How to Use it?

WhatsApp Web for iPhone Now Available – How to Use it?

The WhatsApp Web PC client was launched early this year.

However, this application is only available on select devices and the high profile name missing from the list is the iPhone.

WhatsApp Web relies on the phone app to sync messages and display them on the PC. This mechanism is not supported by Apple’s iPhone, which is why the platform was left out of the update. However, in this post, we will detail to you the steps you need to take in order for you to activate WhatsApp Web on your iPhone and use it on your PC. One thing you need to know is that this trick will only work on a jailbroken iPhone.

Using WhatsApp Web on iPhones

As noted earlier, WhatsApp Web had some platform limitations that prevented users of the iOS devices from accessing it on their PCs. However, there is a new and better way of going around these limitations.

First of all you must jailbreak your iPhone so that you can play around with the phone’s setup. On the jailbroken phone, you will need to download and install a Cydia tweak known as WhatsApp Web Enabler. Once this tweak is setup on your iPhone, you can easily enable and disable the PC client from the settings menu.

Once this application is enabled on your iPhone, you have very simple steps remaining to start using WhatsApp on your PC. Simply launch the app and you should notice a WhatsApp Web icon/symbol in the settings menu of the app. By clicking on the icon, you will be firing up WhatsApp Web so that you should now be able to use it on your desktop.

Logging into WhatsApp Web PC client

Once the PC client is launched from the phone, it’s time to transfer the new WhatsApp experience from your phone to PC. If you use a different web browser other than Chrome, Firefox or Opera, you will be forced to download one of these. At the moment, these are the only supported web browsers, which means that using the web client is not possible on browsers like Safari and Internet Explorer.

On the web browser, enter the URL https://web.whatsapp.com and then scan the QR code that appears there using your iPhone. This should take a few seconds to verify and log you in. From here on, you will be able to see all your WhatsApp contacts and conversations on the PC client. In addition, any message that is sent to you will be reflected on both devices.

At the moment, this service is not yet official on Apple devices. However, the company is still monitoring the situation of the app and in the near future, we might see a WhatsApp Web client that can also be accessed by all iPhone users without the need of jailbreaking their phones.

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