Why I hate WhatsApp with a passion

Why I hate WhatsApp with a passion

Why I hate WhatsApp with a passion

Why I hate WhatsApp with a passion

I made one of the biggest blunders in my life – joining this platform called WhatsApp. And now it has robbed me of something I enjoy and cherish dearly – my peace of mind.

You see, I am the kind of person who minds my own business. I do not bother with people’s business and I expect them to respect my space. But WhatsApp has changed that.

Since I joined this app, I have been put in so many family groups, some by force. So now every so often, there is an update of something family-related and I am expected to contribute.

The other day, my sister-in-law enlisted me in a group for starting some farming project upcountry. So every day there are updates on the project and everybody is expected to contribute to the discussion.

But being me, I have been exceptionally quiet. Not that I do not like the idea, it’s just that I like taking my time before I commit my word, energies and money into something. That’s just me.

So the other weekend, the conversation went like:

“Ideas for shags farming project,” my hubby’s elder sister started the conversation.

And the ideas started trickling in from the brilliant to the na├»ve…

“I am for rabbits,” my brother-in-law messaged.

“How about we start a fish projo?” the younger sister suggested.

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